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Some comments were reported today from an influential source inside the EU, saying that they would be better off without us. Words like that show that they are at least taking BREXIT seriously. It is a sound enough comment from people who see any questioning of their vision as heresy. If you want a united, centralised, conformist Europe then British attitudes are anathema. We don’t want the same things they want so they are wise to write us off. 

Or are they? The problem is that vision can become tunnel-vision, shut off from the light given by alternatives. In Britain the state pays money to finance Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition. It exists to scrutinise what the government does, and to provide an alternative government if the party in power fouls up. Opposition can be constructive and even polite. Oliver Cromwell wrote to an antagonist “I beseech you, … think it possible that you may be mistaken.” The EU should value our contribution whether they agree or not. When I was a boy we had a poorly designed clockwork train that could not take corners. It kept falling off the rails.

There are also indications that the rest of the world is thinking more deeply about what we shall do. Apparently the world economy is at risk. Many pundits had thought (complacently), “The British will come to their senses and kick the Brexit idea into the long grass”. One week left.

The vast array of ‘experts’ prophesying doom just incites resistance. It reminds me of two defiant responses. Danton, in the French revolution, said, in response to international aggression, “We throw before them the head of a king.” Two centuries later G.K.Chesterton wrote “We are the people of England, and we have not spoken yet”. Maybe they will on June 23rd.

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