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I am taking a day off from logical (I hope) prose. Back tomorrow to fulminate against EU as usual. Sorry about the line-spacing. I never tried poetry on WordPress before.


My Borisscope reveals to me a country Merkel-free

Where adjectives for bureaucrats all start with letter B

And envious euro-serfs admire our new-found liberty

Because we voted OUT.


When peering through my Borisscope I see a pleasant land,

Divorced from all those stupid laws they sneak in underhand,

Customs shall no be forced on us. We’ll live as we have planned.

When we have voted OUT.


My Borisscope foretells for me the likely future trends.

We have more opportunities than Brussels apprehends.

outside EU and even in, we actually have friends,

And will have when we’re OUT.


My Borisscope is British-born. A Brit initiative,

Derived from that variety conformity can’t give.

We’ll foster rich diversity and all things positive.

When we have voted OUT.


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