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For the Queen’s 90 birthday the National Anthem was sung in many places. The words are a bit corny and it is normally restricted to the first verse. The church I was in elected to add verse 3, in which the words of the title above appear. The Queen will have no chance of defending our laws if we choose to remain in the EU.

Two recent contributions to the debate impressed me. One is the absence of anything positive from the REMAIN campaign. What has the EU done for us? Surely it must be possible to list  a range of benefits. In one sense the REMAINERS cover them, but only in a negative manner by saying what we might lose. Ought they not to parade these benefits as examples of how marvellous the EU is for us? Why don’t they do it? Perhaps these benefits are not impressive enough to justify flag-waving. Or perhaps the REMAINERS have a negative mind-set and the idea never comes into their heads. I thik the second idea is more likely. I don’t want to be influenced by such people.

I have also read that the Bureaucrats in Brussels are sitting on a pile of new regulations (and plans to enforce them) which will be kept secret till after our referendum. They fear that any leak of their plans for POST-REMAIN aggression will increase the chance of us voting to leave. That is exactly the devious plot to be expected. It reinforces the view that voting REMAIN is not a vote for the status quo. It is an invitation to walk further into the spider’s web.

What of the longer term future? I imagine a monster strategist sitting in Brussels and nursing his fifteen -year plan. He might actually favour BREXIT in the short-term. Suppose that it is followed by a new referendum in Scotland, which becomes independent and asks to join the EU. He then turns to Wales and eventually gets the same result. So by 2031, maybe, England is isolated outside the EU and becomes a smaller country surrounded by EU members.Population-wise England will rate below Italy. Scotland will be on a par with Finland, and Wales with Croatia. The umber of EU countries will have increased by one. My imaginary monster strategist may then find England easier to absorb.

I don’t know what plans my imaginary monster has for Northern Ireland.



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