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One of the ‘digest’ magazines reprints one article from the IN camp and one from the OUT. The IN piece ridicules the claim that we must reclaim control of our affairs on the ground that we have never actually lost it. If that is true, then why do I think the opposite? There are some obvious matters in which  that author has to be wrong, but can it also be that I am more afraid of what might happen than what has already happened. Maybe. And deep down I am afraid of Germany – however politically incorrect that may be. Germany is the most powerful economy in the EU and Germany seems to have a conviction in the rightness of its ideas. If one-size-fits-all is the EU mantra then I fear that the size will be what Germany wants. That tendency can be seen in their dealings with Greece.

The piece from the OUT campaign  is about the reaction of the political elite to ‘protest’ parties. The piece talks of a spectre haunting Europe and identifies this as ‘the intransigence of established political parties who prefer to denounce populists rather than seek to understand what motivates their supporters’. The word I love is ‘intransigence’, suggesting reluctance to change. This seems endemic with the EU.

What will follow a LEAVE or REMAIN decision? Since LEAVE is a dramatic decision that compels big changes, I hope that we shall realise the need for a dramatic, intelligent and determined response. With luck we shall achieve a unity of action that has eluded us for decades. A REMAIN decision will be followed by relief and relaxation and an apathetic pursuit of ‘business as usual’. Put dramatically, we are looking at a LIVING response or a DEAD CAT response. Stagnation.

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