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By chance I have found and started reading a book about nations and power by some celebrated US professor. He starts off by describing the Chinese (Ming) and Mogul and Ottoman empires and explaining why they withered. The chief cause in his view is that they were centrally controlled by an elite group that became self-satisfied and fixated on their own ideas and stultified all creativity by insisting on one orthodoxy. I saw obvious similarities to the Blinded Bloated Bureaucrats of Brussels and wondered if Europe faces a similar fate.

Cameron’s repetitive invocation of economic experts also reminded me of the biblical story of Ahab asking his advisers “Shall I go up to Ramoth-Gilead to battle?” The reply was a near universal “Go. You will win.” Just to double-check, Ahab asked Micah for his view. “Do that, King, and you will get chopped.” He went and he was. So the army of experts was wrong and the one dissenter was right. It may well be the same today. Orhtodoxy is a contagious disease.

Literature also provides the quote “Methinks he doth protest too much.” Cameron is always mouthing the same spiel. He sounds like a drowning man clinging to a single rotting plank. Has he nothing else? Maybe he could talk about our friends in Europe? No. We don’t have any. Except, maybe, the Hungarians who want to remain Hungarian.¬†

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