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Cameron keeps on saying how stupid it is to ignore the supposed expert economic arguments for staying in the EU. He asks “Who do you trust?” He wants us to answer ‘”the experts, and D.Cameron!”

Well, you (D.Cameron) I certainly don’t trust. You sound as if you are endlessly repeating what the brief says. There is no originality in your voice and no new ideas. As for the experts I have found that once a view becomes the established wisdom it is close to stagnating and losing validity. I have no great economic knowledge, but I know a lot about human nature and the life-cycle of ideas. So I don’t have much trust in these experts. In any case, economics are a product of human behaviour. If BREXIT becomes a fact, people will behave in a way that makes it work.

Nobody doubts that there are a great many unknowns if we leave. But if we stay, we are faced with certainty. Europe will get worse. There are too many fault lines in the project. If we leave, we might be worse of but we might be better off. If we stay there is nothing but worse. It looks like a no-brainer to me. A decent chance versus no chance at all.


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