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here is a quote from a press article today by Jeffrey Sterling. “If we vote to remain on June 23, does anybody seriously believe that Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande will happily hand over the EU steering wheel to Britain so that we can guide it towards reform? The reality is that we will be even weaker than we were during Cameron’s so-called negotiations.”

Note also that what Cameron thinks he has been promised has no force until it is embodied in a treaty. There is no certainty that this will ever happen, or that whatever is written into a treaty will not be wildly different from what Cameron has told us. The EU is a dangerous, unscrupulous, deceiving monster.

The majority of economic pundits are in favour of remaining. I wonder if familiarity with the present situation does not limit their thinking. To contemplate leaving the EU would demand serious questioning of their economic model. They might find this uncomfortable.

A more powerful argument against Brexit is the emotional element in the decision. That certainly exists, and I feel it strongly. One psychologist claims that decisions made emotionally can lead to extreme reaction if they go wrong. I think the OUT campaign should make it very clear that there will be serious difficulties and that we shall need intelligence and determination to overcome them. Brexit is a challenge, and must be recognised as such.






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