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The last few days have seen the OUT campaign gaining ground. I like that, but am a bit worried to hear Boris and Michael putting more emphasis on economics. I suppose they must do something to attack the distortions offered by the IN lobby, but the economic arguments are unprovable. There are better grounds for the OUTERS to stand on.

Something that strikes me as a fact is that inside the EU we will not be able to devise and test new policies. That is a severe disadvantage given that the EU elite do not share our values and will, if we vote IN, press on with their own agenda at a faster rate. That is worrying, for the track record of the EU in recent years has been unimpressive. The organisation does not feel competent. It feels like an organisation in which no attention has been given to pragmatic solutions because pursuit of an impossible, idealistic goal scrambles people’s minds..

The idea that we shall have influence by staying IN is unconvincing. The ‘re-negotiation’ that Cameron brought back tells it all. The very limited concessions really amounted to an ultimatum: “Accept this or get out.” 

One writer in a UK newspaper says that the issue is beginning to look like a contest between Cameron/Osborne and Boris/Gove. I would go for the latter pair. Boris because he is truly an individual and Gove because I think he is honest. Boris is a buffoon, of course, but a very bright one. I get bored with people who always say the politically correct words and phrases.




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