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Boris talked about a post-exit immigration policy based on the Australian model. That is a constructive suggestion and a change from all the negatives that have been flying about. The Australian policy exists, and works. The papers also reported a comment by Mr. Tusk directed to the Europhile Political Dreamers, amongst which I suppose he includes himself. He told them that ordinary folk do not share the extravagant vision of a united Europe, at least not in the visionary sense that drives the ideal. He clearly thinks that too much aggressive promotion of the idea will be counter-productive.

I wonder if the public lack of enthusiasm is partly due to the fact that Europe has never had a single enemy. After all, we have been threatened in the past by Spain and France and Germany. The experience has given us a sense of national identity. We can still be roused by what QE1 said at Deptford – “I think foul scorn that Parma, or any prince of Spain…etc” Is there a comparable feeling amongst Europeans? The Moors got as far as Tours and the Mongol Hordes got as far as Vienna. But did those invasions affect Europeans as the EU now defines them? The many nations now in the EU don’t have a common history.

The OUT campaign could make better use of the iniquities of Brussels. That is a bit negative (which I regret) but careful selection would make it less obvious. One can acknowledge that some policies have been good, but point to others that have been ridiculous. Some bear the hallmark of under-employed officials determined to do something rather than nothing. I remember being employed as an Administrative Officer and being frustrated by an empty In-tray. I sent a request to colleagues asking for an action of near-zero importance which every one of them ignored. I asked myself later “Just how stupid can you get?” Waste of time. Made me look ridiculous.

People like that In Brussels can’t be sacked and the EU is just going to get worse. If we get out, as I hope we shall, it would do no harm to examine the efficiency of our own administration.


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