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Immigration has been a prominent issue in the past few days,  but Economics is still there, since Michael Gove wants to make people better off by abolishing VAT. My belief in Brexit has little to do with either issue but I wonder which of the two will make people believe deeply  enough to respond. I can see that anybody who really believes that they will be better off IN or OUT will vote that way. My belief in freedom and democracy will be an abstract idea that can’t compete with immediate benefit.

But can anybody really believe that any one economic forecast is right and that, even if it is, that the politicians will pursue it, and make it work? Their recent record shows much poorly planned change and little benefit thereby. scrapping VAT would obviously mean getting the money from some other source and nobody would gain. On the other hand, doing something effective about immigration looks a lot less complicated. It is possible to believe that after Brexit the people who promised immigration control would deliver. It is a lot less difficult than revitalising the national economy. There would be a visible change.

I look at these arguments because I know that my stance is an emotional one and that if I was standing on the Boris Battle Bus the organisers would tell me “That’s not what they want to hear. Get on-message and talk about immigration”. So I would have to do it. But maybe I could work in a few ideas about freedom and opportunity. The whole thing reminds me of times in my life when I struggled with the opposites of a safe job with a big company and independence. The deciding factor was that in a big company you only get the opportunities that somebody else allows you. You do get (or you used to) security, but your life is full of things you would have liked to do but never got the chance. If you are independent, you can experiment freely and if an idea does not work out, you have nobody to blame but yourself. But you did try, and there is always learning to be gained.

Finally, I believe that the EU in it’s present form is doomed. Be a wise rat and desert the sinking ship while you can. You don’t want to sink with it.The risks of remaining are greater then the risks of leaving,

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