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I was delighted by the comments of Allister Heath in the Daily Telegraph today.He was rubbishing the gloomy forecasts about leaving and described them as ‘a farrrago of nonsense’. He kept up the strong language when dealing with the Treasury’s analysis of the short term consequences of leaving. ‘A scandalously unethical concoction of a kind eerily reminiscent of Tony Blair’s dodgy dossier prior to the Iraq war’. The accusation of unethical behaviour is extreme. In the dubious world of political influencing it might just be correct.

Another point. The propaganda put out by Cameron and Osborne carefully avoids any mention of the deal he (DC) brought back from Brussels. If it had any real value the Remain camp would surely make use of it. The burying of that deal underlines the failure, and the failure is an indication of the treatment we shall get if we stay in.

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