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In the debate about our referendum too little thought has been given to how we will react after the choice is made. An OUT decision will present big challenges and there will be an obvious need to make positive and effective changes. That will be stimulating and unifying  We have stood on our own before and survived. We can do it again, and be better for it.

An IN decision appears to mean no change. Nobody has suggested that we are going to be better off the day after an IN vote than we are now. But actually something will have changed. It will be obvious that Britain has knuckled under to Brussels and those who wish for further interference and integration will enjoy greater freedom to press their case. There will be no reform of EU practices because one of the advocates of reform has been neutralised.

And we shall know that we have chickened out of a struggle that we should have pursued. Our state of mind will be that of a subject nation. Compare that with the vigorous mentality of a nation stepping up to a challenge.

The economic arguments dominating the media at present are irrelevant. Every prediction can be disputed and nobody knows for sure what will happen. The psychological arguments are what matter.

Diving into a rock pool of cold sea water can do you more good than standing at the edge and saying “I don’t dare.” 


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