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May 31, 2016

Immigration has been a prominent issue in the past few days,  but Economics is still there, since Michael Gove wants to make people better off by abolishing VAT. My belief in Brexit has little to do with either issue but I wonder which of the two will make people believe deeply  enough to respond. I can […]


May 26, 2016

I was delighted by the comments of Allister Heath in the Daily Telegraph today.He was rubbishing the gloomy forecasts about leaving and described them as ‘a farrrago of nonsense’. He kept up the strong language when dealing with the Treasury’s analysis of the short term consequences of leaving. ‘A scandalously unethical concoction of a kind […]


May 23, 2016

In the debate about our referendum too little thought has been given to how we will react after the choice is made. An OUT decision will present big challenges and there will be an obvious need to make positive and effective changes. That will be stimulating and unifying  We have stood on our own before […]


May 9, 2016

Events across the Atlantic have been a big surprise. How does Trump get all those popular votes when much of what he says is garbage? I think that it is all about personality. I think he is seen as a man who will DO SOMETHING. Both in the USA and the UK we have had […]