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The papers yesterday reported some vigorous talk by Boris Johnson and Michael Gove in support of the OUT campaign. They rightly identified the approach of Cameron and Osborne as one based on fear. Do those two really think the nation will like that? Who do they think we are?

But they might succeed if people did not take the threat from Brussels seriously. The encroachment on our sovereignty has already gone a long way because it was an underhand nibbling strategy in which each small bite could be ignored. If we vote YES then Brussels will see it as proof that they are on the right lines and their strategy will be intensified. Before we know where we are we shall have given away all our independence. Before WW2 Hitler said that one land-grab represented his last territorial demand in Europe. It was a lie, but Brussels have not even bothered to lie. They want total unity and the subjugation of democracy to a political elite.

We must also consider the appalling inefficiency of a political institution with so many decision-making levels. The time will come when it is just too slow and cumbersome to work at all. A dangerous movement will have become unstoppable before it is on the agenda at the top-level.

We have also become so obsessed by safety and comfort that we have gone soft. In the 13th Century the Mongol hordes swept through Hungary because the people had experienced a long period of peace and thought that an invasion was impossible. There are other things that look impossible but still happen. Before 9/11 a plot to take over a jumbo jet and fly it into a skyscraper would have belonged in fiction. And consider how the EU dealt with a disorganised flood of unarmed men, women and children. The EU idealists have lost touch with the unpredictable nature of the real world.


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