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That EU propaganda letter

The harder Cameron tries, the more pathetic his efforts look. He failed to get a decent deal and his behaviour now has the smell of desperation. My attitude, as before, is that it is high time we re-learnt the habit of self-reliance. To rely forever on other people destroys ones virility. If we leave the EU and act in a determined and resourceful manner we can make Brexit work.

Today there was a terrific quote in the Telegraph. It said that relying on the EU was  “to hug the carcase of a defunct project in the hope of squeezing some life back into it.” Another article today was about incompetent management in the health service. Some highly placed lady was reported as saying that we live in a culture where decision-making is so dangerous that managers avoid it. If you get blamed whenever you make a decision, then don’t make one! It’s a no-brainer. Pass the buck or let things drift.

The backgrounds are different, but there is a similarity. The existence of a supra-national authority provides an extra excuse for avoiding positive action. The strategy should be to make decisions with care and then ensure that they work out by consistent and determined action.

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