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The advocates of staying have started their scare campaign about the dangers attached to leaving. What about the dangers of staying? If we do, we shall only get more of the same. We shall get more interference from Brussels and further loss of national independence. We shall cease to be a nation. Acceptance of the terms negotiated by David Cameron will be seen by other members of the EU as a surrender and a recognition that Britain accepts external domination. He did not ask much in the first place, and what he did ask has been to watered down and left so vulnerable to interpretation that it really has little meaning. It is effectively capitulation.

Power-hungry aggressors don’t stop. They feed on their gains and continually ask for more. In the referendum we have a last chance to escape. We should take it.This is a trap. Don’t walk into it.

I get angry about the way both sides concentrate on the material and economic advantages and disadvantages. Nobody knows for certain what would follow. They are all guessing. The arguments all claim some logical basis, but economics is about how human beings behave. If we decide to leave, and act with real determination to make our leaving a success, then a success it will be. I also get angry with the attempts by No. 10 to gag opponents. Surely we should hear the best arguments from the best people. Right now the YES campaign seems to be more YES for Cameron thsn YES for Europe. The man is doing himself no good.


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