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I was distressed to hear a report on the television news that some authority is recommending even further reductions in the amount of alcohol thought safe to drink. Too few voices are raised to explain the creative benefits.

We all have inhibitions, and not all of them are a force for good. One dangerous inhibition is the inability to challenge the accepted wisdom of a generation and to think the unthinkable. We are potentially limited by what we learn in our formative years and in one sense we live in an intellectual prison. A reasonable amount of alcohol deadens such inhibitions and allows us to generate ideas that would be beyond us in a totally sober state. You don’t even need a huge amount of alcohol to reach this state. Indeed too much alcohol means that you forget your creative thought and can’t recapture the value later on. You must at least be sober enough to write down the essential content on a restaurant table napkin, or whatever. The world would be a better place if more people used alcohol creatively. It can be a good friend.

Even extreme consumption can at times be defended. I believe that Dylan Thomas died in hospital after a monumental drinking bout. If he had not been a heavy drinker he might never have written all that quality poetry. Other poets have achieved creative success in the same way. My New Year resolution is to maintain, or even increase, my consumption and hope that I shall be enabled to leave some worthwhile words behind me.


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