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The issue rumbles on, with a recent Cameron speech in which he tried to please everybody Two aspects seem to me to be ignored. One is the prevailing UK culture of envy – expecting too much and seeing those who have more as exploiters. Despite the existence of many honest work-seekers, there is a suspicion in the minds of some employers that taking on a British worker will bring more pain than benefit. The Polish immigrant, in contrast, is seen as potentially a good worker. This is a problem dating back to the worker exploitation of the industrial revolution and the response that it provoked.

The other aspect is the strain that high immigration places on our education system. The adult immigrant from Eastern Europe has enough English to get by. His children don’t. So teachers in our primary schools have their task made harder than ever by trying to assist children who can’t understand them. So why not have a radical initiative by recruiting Polish/Bulgarian/Whatever teachers to work in our schools and help foreigners with the transition?


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