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News and views about the EU are confusing. How will it all play out? One of my imagined scenarios is that Britain will leave the EU and will be seen by the EU as a threat to all that it stands for. The American Civil War will be replayed in Europe but with economic and ideological weapons. Ridiculous? Well, the way the EU is going it may come to develop a collective ideology in which the individual is only valued as a member of the state and not for his or her personal skills, enterprise and initiative. In contrast, the UK might retain a high regard for individual initiative and might prosper because of it. Energetic individuals would migrate from the EU to the UK and those who value security rather than success would move the other way. The EU would then have a powerful reason for wanting to bring the UK back under collective control. Our independence and success would be seen as intolerable.
The United States would support us. Russia is accustomed to autocratic rule and autocrats tend to be aggressive and expansionist. So Russia would quietly nibble away at the eastern edge of Europe and in the face to two different dangers the EU would collapse. It would be economically and spiritually emasculated.


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