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December 10, 2014

A few days ago I went to the small country church where my father was churchwarden in the 1970’s. It was depressing: there were about ten old people (my age) taking part in an activity which they had known all their lives but was now bereft of supporters. My next thought was that some Christian […]


December 6, 2014

I don’t understand why there is so much fuss about the UK economy growing faster than many other countries. Does not this euphoria ignore other measures? GDP is, I believe, the sum – by value – of all the economic activity in a country. The Internet tells me that GDP is made up of Consumer […]


December 4, 2014

That must seem an odd exhortation in an age where most politicians are regarded as self-seeking and greedy and bereft of principles. But two current issues inspire me to sympathise with them and feel that they have a near-impossible task. ┬áThe European Economy is one of them. The experts disagree about what should be done: […]


December 2, 2014

News and views about the EU are confusing. How will it all play out? One of my imagined scenarios is that Britain will leave the EU and will be seen by the EU as a threat to all that it stands for. The American Civil War will be replayed in Europe but with economic and […]


December 2, 2014

The issue rumbles on, with a recent Cameron speech in which he tried to please everybody Two aspects seem to me to be ignored. One is the prevailing UK culture of envy – expecting too much and seeing those who have more as exploiters. Despite the existence of many honest work-seekers, there is a suspicion […]