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I live in a part of the country which is unlikely to elect a Westminster MP other than a conservative. So my influence on a UK election will only ever be zero. But in the European election the size of the vote for a minority party like UKIP is of interest to the major ones. It may just cause them to ask “What it that people like in UKIP which we are not offering?”

The Daily Telegraph today has a feature about UKIP and makes comments like, “the only party listening to what people want.” This refers, of course, to a general desire for Less Europe and Less Immigration. I certainly want Less Europe, but one of my reasons is that Europe is anti-democratic. Another publication recently put forward the idea that this is a deliberate characteristic built into Europe by the founding fathers because they saw democracy as contributing to WWII. It was capable of being manipulated by folk like Hitler and rule by a political elite was somehow safer. Do I buy into that? Do I believe in democracy? Yes. It is an imperfect system but the best available. There will always be the problem that education and intelligence are necessary to grasp the issues and vote sensibly, but the vast majority of citizens are shrewd enough when distinguishing between what is good for them and what is not. So YES to democracy and NO  to an anti-democratic Europe and YES to UKIP on May 22nd. Every extra protest vote increases the chance of Cameron getting serious about Less Europe.

Immigration is the other issue. The left-leaning educational establishment, and our concern for the needy have given us too many people who don’t have the skills needed for a modern economy or have rejected the idea of hard work and risk-taking. We need more such people of the other sort. We don’t need more who will take but won’t contribute. If we are getting too many of the latter sort, then it is partly our own fault for projecting a certain image. So on the immigration issue I think we should worry more upon our own society and less about the would-be immigrants. We should be seen as a place where intelligence and hard work and initiative are rewarded, and  chosen dependency less rewarded. That would affect the quality of would-be immigrants and would improve on the “Keep them out” policy that UKIP seems to favour. So NO to UKIP on May 22nd on this issue.

One YES and one NO. I still have three weeks to make up my mind.


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