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EXAMPLE2EXAMPLE1I am frustrated by the book marketing problem. I have three self-published books and very little success in selling them.  I look back at them critically and compare them with other books. They still look Ok to me. It seems more likely that they fail in visual appeal so that nobody bothers to start reading in the first place. I have had advice recently which made me aware of the importance today of immediate visual appeal. Maybe the cover, more than anything else, causes a person to pick it up. So I chose four covers from my shelves and asked “What would be my instinctive instant judgement on seeing them for the first time?” I tried to cut out title and authors name so that I could view the picture only and decide what it was saying to me. I could not do it in all four cases

The top-left picture says to me “Father/Son on school visiting day. Familiar scene  Might read because relations with EXAMPLE3father often interesting.” The top-right says “Middle-class serious Victorian EXAMPLE4literature. Ignore” The bottom-left says “Spooky. The living and the dead. Might read.” The bottom right says “Artificial romanticism. Forced. Ignore.” Sadly, this helps little with objective judgement because the criteria are there already in my own mind. But perhaps there are some quasi-objective things. For instance, Man and Woman on a beach probably means “Love story.” Military hardware has got to mean “War story”. I have to work harder on defining what my stories are about and encapsulating the vision. Advice would be welcome


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