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November 30, 2013

I posted on the Scotland issue yesterday but felt that I had missed something. I wonder if the deepest motive in the SNP campaign is just a historic ANTI-ENGLISHNESS. They have got some reason to feel this way because, on the whole, they came off worst in our various conflicts. But they did remarkably well in fights […]


November 28, 2013

Right now some Scots want out of Britain and some Brits want out of Europe. The arguments for and against an independent Scotland seem very complex and will never be proved either way because you can’t go back afterwards and try the other thing. But I can understand the emotional need for an independent identity, […]


November 23, 2013

I am frustrated by the book marketing problem. I have three self-published books and very little success in selling them.  I look back at them critically and compare them with other books. They still look Ok to me. It seems more likely that they fail in visual appeal so that nobody bothers to start reading […]


November 9, 2013

The thing is going to cost an awful lot of money. When it got high on the media interest list I decided against it because I can’t see that getting to Manchester from Euston thirty minutes quicker is very significant – especially in view of the elaborate boarding procedures which will reduce the advantage by half. It […]