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September 28, 2013

The motto of The Royal Artillery when I served was ‘Ubique’ and Professor Dawkins is a bit the same. I read a review of a D-Book on Saturday and then an interview that appeared on Twitter. (A year ago I even bought a D-Book.) The interview showed that there¬†is far more to him than just […]


September 23, 2013

I looked up Chaos Theory again. So far as i understand  it the origin was a bit like this. A man (Edward Lorenz) was running some sort of mathematical process that started with a number (say 959935.705) and  told his computer to do THIS and THAT to it – a long sequence of instructions – and […]


September 18, 2013

I finished my last post arguing that we can never know what is ‘out there’ so the best response is to have another beer and forget it. That is still my attitude so far as finding answers is concerned, but speculating is fun so I go on doing it. Last Sunday I watched a religious […]


September 15, 2013

The human search for whatever is “out there” – God or some impersonal cosmic force – reveals similar concepts from different sources. Opposing arguments can be derived from that similarity. One argument says, “Several different civilisations come up with the same idea. Therefore it must be true.” The other argument says, “All the people who […]


September 9, 2013

Obama is back from Moscow, with Putin and some others firmly against him. He still seems keen to attack Syria, and will try to get congressional backing.If he gets approval, and does attack, the US will be on their own except for (maybe) France. There will be a great many deaths and no certainty of […]


September 1, 2013

The memory of Iraq¬†influences everybody in Britain and the No vote in parliament probably reflects the public opinion. If it were not for that legacy, how would military intervention in Syria seem? The strongest reason for attack is surely that the use of chemical weapons has to be challenged. If it is, then the challengers […]