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21st May. Off to the AGM of the brewery founded by my Great-Granfather at Wisbech in Cambridgeshire and run now by my cousin and his three daughters. (Makes the name Elgood & Sons now look a bit odd!)  Excellent beer, both traditional and new. Shareholders attending get a nice little gift pack conBEER-taining one bottle each of Warrior and Double Swan and Black Dog and Golden Newt.

Early start to make sure of surviving any hold-ups getting through the tunnel. Nothing serious there except 100% increase in toll charge since I last went that way. a few odd variations navigating the multiple routes through the Fen country and all the confusing waterways. But SATNAV would have made it far worse. Safe arrival and great company. Rather like MFL – “Everyone who should be here is here.” Excepy my daughter, who was on jury service. AGM followed drinks and lunch but I still kept awake and was able to marrvel at the commitment that keeps our long-established firm going in such hard times. Innovative and imaginative. A very enjoyable day.

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