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In the local governmemt elections last Thursday I voted for UKIP, as did a great number of other people. My vote could not possible have had any effect in my constituency, which  is firmly conservative. If there had been any doubt about the outcome I would have stuck with that party – which I belong to anyway. My UKIP vote was for one purpose only – to register my distrust of David Cameron.

A television commentator speculated on the reasons for such a high protest vote, and on the present dislike of the major parties. He asked why some people were able to connect with public opinion and others were not. He cited Alex Salmond and Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage as people who could do it. My belief is that they are people of conviction and give the impression that what they will do – given the chance – will have some likeness to what they say beforehand. The trouble with the leaders of the major parties is that they are constantly trying to please a wide range of party members and can’t state forcefully what they really want. (If they even know what that is.) To some extent this is forced upon them by the party system, but the effect given is that they have no serious convictions. Therefore their words don’t carry much weight. David Cameron says that he will negotiate a new deal with Europe and he says that we will – at some time – have a referendum. I don’t know whether he means it and my protest vote is saying, “Stop talking and start doing.” Politics should be about more than sound-bytes.

Having over-riding beliefs and principles (Mega-Values) is important, because they impose a logic on the lesser decisions and enable you to speak and act in a coherent, consistent manner.


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