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May 27, 2013

I have written books with a witchdoctor heroine and become quite obsessed with the existence or otherwise of ‘unkown forces’. I don’t use the word ‘supernatural’ because I am not sure what ‘natural’ means. It makes sense for me to have this interest, because I am a Christian and Christians believe in ‘something out there’. […]


May 23, 2013

It has bothered me for years that Gordon Brown (last UK Prime Minister), who was supposed to be so clever with money, got us into such a mess. How did he do it? Yes, I know, by borrowing and spending vast amounts of money and getting precious little for it. But why did he get it so […]


May 22, 2013

21st May. Off to the AGM of the brewery founded by my Great-Granfather at Wisbech in Cambridgeshire and run now by my cousin and his three daughters. (Makes the name Elgood & Sons now look a bit odd!)  Excellent beer, both traditional and new. Shareholders attending get a nice little gift pack con-taining one bottle […]


May 21, 2013

So there was a debate last night in the House of Commons on this issue. What do I think, me being a Christian? I assume that the ceremony of marriage has a sociological purpose, that purpose being to increase the chance of children being brought up in a stable background. When a man and a woman intended to live together permanently and […]


May 12, 2013

Thank God for the centuries of ignorance when science did not afflict us with the truth and people were free to populate the universe with a glorious variety of supernatural beings. The trouble with science is that once reality is known it becomes much more difficult to create convincing alternatives. Once you KNOW it becomes […]


May 10, 2013

I read tweets from atheists who get upset by the teaching of creationism in schools. Surely atheists have such confidence in the rightness of science that they can be relaxed about this issue. My belief is that creationism should be widely taught as the earliest attempt by man to explain the envirnoment in which he […]


May 7, 2013

An organisation I belong to asks me to respond to a questionaire from Brussels that seeks opinions as to whether more regulation is desirable in a certain field. Loyalty means that I shall respond, but excessive regulation really makes me wild. Bureaucrats ought to know that The Law of Diminishing Returns applies in their world […]


May 4, 2013

In the local governmemt elections last Thursday I voted for UKIP, as did a great number of other people. My vote could not possible have had any effect in my constituency, which  is firmly conservative. If there had been any doubt about the outcome I would have stuck with that party – which I belong to anyway. […]


May 4, 2013

I have recently started to say “I am a Christian”  in discussions or  posts. I never used to do so, believing that my expressed opinions were enough and that it was ostentatious and provocative to make open statements. So why make a change? One reason is the way in which the secular state is claiming […]