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This title avoids using the word-of-the- week – “Thatcher”. I recognise her quality but find it rather sick-making to have a whole week of idolatry. It makes us (the Brits) look like a nation of voyeurs. What she did had to be done sooner or later, and few people would have had the courage to see it through. But history is bigger than people and the need produces the man/woman who will effect change.

Many people suffered under MT, seeing their way of life destroyed. Sadly, this has happened before and is going to happen again. The agricultural revolution and the enclosure of land deprived people of their livelihood. So did the industrial revolution. Today, the electronic revolution threatens, among others, the Post Office and a wide range of retailers,

Nothing is going to stop change, but the outcomes can be modified by a vision of the future that is beneficial and achievable. MT spoke of  “a property-owning democracy” and we have got something like it. Some other visions fail the test. Adolf Hitler had a vision – which was hardly beneficial. The European Vision looked good to people shocked by the destruction of WW2. Whether it is realistic we have still to find out. A key factor is surely the motivation of those people who are driving the vision forward. Sometimes they become too focussed on the “achieving” part and forget about beneficial effects. Sometimes their vision derives from an ideology, such as an extreme religion. Perhaps the UK was lucky to have Margaret Thatchers vision. There might be a credible vision today if people used positive language rather than negative. “Getting the debt down” is a worthy vision but says little about where we want to be.

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