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Nshila Ileloka here – fictional heroine of Chris Elgood books. I saw a tweet about assisting married friends to conceive. Could imitative magic help? Failing body parts, would names on back of images be enough?

I believe one should make every effort to do the job thoroughly. Witchdoctoring works through a spiritual agency and the relationship between practitioner and spirit matters. All spirits have self-awareness and some get annoyed at corner-cutting behaviour. If procedures are not followed accurately the spirit may decline to act. It is almost like guidelines from publishers – “Comply with these rules or we won’t read your submission”.

The relationship also explains why witchcraft will never be subject to proof in the way scientists understand the word. The spirits have self-awareness while physical phenomena do not. I am lucky to have some natural affinity with at least some spirits and my witchcraft mostly works because of their goodwill and my dedication to research and accuracy. My success rate is also increased by avoiding the things at which I have little skill or have a poor practitioner-spirit relationship. But the self-awareness issue means that I can never be totally sure of the result.

I am also sceptical about the whole concept of scientific proof. There are constant arguments about the interpretation of data, and about statistics, and as science advances some conclusions that were ‘proved’ to be right are ‘proved’ to be wrong. And then there are the media with their over-simplificantion! In any case, I don’t want the efficacy of witchcraft to be ‘proved’. If it was ‘proved’ in the scientific sense then my achievements could be  duplicated by anybody with the right equipment and the right knowledge. They can’t and they won’t.


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