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Two days ago I had an e-accident – pehaps hovering over the wrong part of a page.  I found myself contributing to a blog run for atheists and felt that I was a trespasser. But it set me thinking about my state as a very open-minded member of The Church of England. (Notoriously broad, bless it!) I imagine myself in the Arrivals Hall of The Hereafter and facing a choice of three doors. One says THERE IS NO GOD and one says DON’T KNOW and one says PURPOSEFUL INTELLIGENCE. At that stage it’s easy. I reject NO GOD because he might exist and get angry with me. I reject DON’T KNOW because that’s wimpish in my book. I go for PURPOSEFUL INTELLIGENCE. It may then get a whole lot harder, forcing me to decide what I mean by PURPOSEFUL and INTELLIGENT. Perhaps one door will say PURPOSEFUL AND PROGRAMMED and another door will say PURPOSEFUL AND SELF-AWARE. Behind the first door my imagination will picture all the marvellous things science is discovering, including the Higgs Particle and alternative universes and artificial intelligence. I shall be reminded that there are things quite beyond human understanding and that anything is therefore possible. But it feels terribly regulated. PURPOSEFUL AND SELF-AWARE suggests flexibility. I see myself walking through that door.


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