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March 27, 2013

Nshila talking – consultant assassin, witchdoctor and heroine of Chris Elgood’s three books.  I am disappointed to hear no whisper of some minion in the British Security Service searching for me. It’s just not possible that they have no contingency plan for eliminating Abu Qatada. The legal charade has gone on so long that somebody must have considered […]


March 24, 2013

Two days ago I had an e-accident – pehaps hovering over the wrong part of a page.  I found myself contributing to a blog run for atheists and felt that I was a trespasser. But it set me thinking about my state as a very open-minded member of The Church of England. (Notoriously broad, bless […]


March 20, 2013

Budget Day, and not much evidence that anybody – including the Chancellor of the Exchequer – really knows what to do. So the non-expert can fall back on what he thinks is common sense. How did we get into this mess? By paying ourselves too much money for doing too little work. So why not […]


March 9, 2013

The argument is renewed. Cameron wants deficit reduction. Cable wants borrowing to invest. Borrowing is fine if you are confident that the activity on which you spend that money is going to earn you more than you pay out. This was very clear to me fifty years ago when contemplating a machine purchase for a […]