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Nshila speaking. My present thinking about what works and what does not work, and why, is that the real power lies with the spirit agent who responds to my need. The procedures and artefacts (rituals, bones, etc) may or may not be aids to concentration, and any aid they provide may be to the spirit or to me, or to both of us. For the present I am going to perform them anyway – on the belt and braces principle – so the question is academic. Viewing the spirit as paramount makes me wonder in what sense he (or she or it) exists. I certainly hear a voice in my head, but that does not imply a physical reality. Have I ever seen a spirit that I invoked? I have seen results from my witchcraft and I have seen ‘sights’ that could not easily be described. I have never seen something that was obviously, for instance, “The spirit of revenge”. It is just possible that all this is going on inside my mind and I am seeing/hearing what I think. Perhaps it is all about “Consciousness”. Some philosophers have argued that “Consciousness” is a single entity to which we are all connected.

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