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Nshila speaking.  Here is the first conclusion I have drawn from rigorous examination of my witchcraft activity. I am convinced that so-called magical actions are useless unless energised by the spirit in charge of these things.  So why do rules and procedures and spells exist at all? I think that they are contact points established by the spirits in the past when they found people like me doing interesting things. It is as if they kept an eye on our efforts and sometimes pressed a key saying “Add to Favourites” on a spiritual computer. Then, if I or another practitioner initiate such an action, the spirit gets a signal and takes a look at what is going on. If a spirit then pereives in me a proper respectful, attentive attitude, it somehow ‘authorises’ the procedure and I get the result I want. I don’t yet know whether all the actions (like putting a knotted string into the pocket of a victim) are still essential. But that is something I might find out later. For the present I will do them anyway – they are not too difficult. The big lesson is that the spirit is not compelled to perform by my actions. It decides for itself whether it will make my actions work. I am a postulant, not a dictator.

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