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I hear infuriated comments in church circles about the gay marriage issue.  I don’t bother too much about it because the idea that a gay marriage is the same as a man/woman marriage is obviously a legal convenience only. It amounts to saying “You two will be treated as married for legal purposes.”  It does not make them ino a breeding pair. I am more worried that the state seems to be saying “We are right and you (the supposed guardians of morality) are wrong.” It annoys me that Cameron says “It is right that.. etc.” and seems to be giving the principle of equality divine status. This elevation of state morality is more dangerous because the present case – equality under the law – is quite reasonable but might easily be carried to extremes.  State morality can be dangerous. It comes down to the hair-splitting of words and reliance on the written word rather than the principle the word are supposed to enshrine. A different approach is to start from the principles as spoken by Christ in the New testament and encourage people to judge their actions by how well they accord with those principles. I feel that the church should be putting this argument more aggressively. Attempts to regulate behaviour by legislation are imperfect. You end up with thousands of pages of text and vast fees paid to lawyers and still get errors.

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