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This is Nshila talking – the fictional heroine of three books. In my last post I explained a pseudo-scientific experiment I was planning to test the efficacy of my witchdoctoring procedures. It failed, but also helped me. I set up my control by doing all the usual things and Ellie McFain ignored her usual dog-walking route and entered the church exactly as planned. To make sure that I could replicate every step of the procedure for my next experiment, I recorded the exact words of the ritual I recite over the knotted cord.  I wrote them down, which I have never done before. Previously I have just relied on the spirit to put the words into my mouth when the time comes.

I planned to vary the second trial by putting the cord into the targets handbag instead of the coat pocket, to see if things changed, but then I thought I had better find out whether reading the words off my record instead of waiting for the spirit made any difference. It did! All other conditions were exactly the same but the procedure failed. What do I learn from this? Provisionally, that the spirit is the prime agency in this procedure and objects to me usurping his privilege. Unless I wait for him to put the words into my mouth he is not going to oblige. I have burnt my record and smashed the tape recorder. If this makes him forgive me, and the next experiment works, I shall have proved something.

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