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This is Nshila talking. Remember that I am fiction. I am trying to increase my witchdoctor skills by examining past successes and adding some discipline. I need a method. In the great Evolution v. Creation debate there are theorists who talk about Intelligent Design. They say that an effect produced by evolution is going to show traces of accident and error and will contain redundancy. They say that any process having no redundant elements demonstrates Intelligent Design – by God. So they take apart any process or system, removing one feature at a time to see if things still work. If all things prove essential then God made it. If there is redundancy then maybe he did not.

I shall do this with my knotted string  procedure. My first task is to analyse the items and the actions. There is the location I want the target to visit. There is the target himself. There is a knot I have to tie in a cord. There is the mental image I have to form while I tie the knot (the target entering the location). There is the physical connection I have to make between the knot and the location. There is the ritual I have to recite over the knotted cord. There is the means by which I ensure that the knotted cord is in the target’s possession. Seven stages. There may be divisions within these but seven is plenty to start with.

I must design and carry out and document a successful operation. This is tough, because I am going to have to repeat it six times in exactly the same manner – or as near as I can possibly get. First problem is the target. If I try to force the same person into the same place six times there may be some victim-resistance. I must plan carefully.

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