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The category WITCHPOWER  is distinct from other categories on this blog. It is written by Chris Elgood but the ‘I’ in it is Nshila Ileloka, heroine of his three books. I am fictional. But he had such fun creating me that he wants to develop my skills further and thinks he can do so by having me examine possible ways forward, and recording them a blog site. You need to know who I am and what skills need developing.

I was born in a remote African village and befriended by our witchdoctor. I learnt significant witchdoctoring skills at an early age. I progressed  from a local secondary school to the London School of Economics and followed that with an MBA from The Open University. I learnt to combine traditional skills with modern technology and became, partly by accident, a consultant assassin, removing major villains by untraceable methods. Some of my work has been secretly commissioned by government sources. They have rewarded me with national recognition, fabricating high-sounding but untrue reasons for the honours. I have an OBE and a Peerage. I operate a Meteorological Consultancy from an address in Eastcheap, London, and own a small manor house in Berkshire that operates as The Center for Worldwide Enquiry.

The skills that I want to extend are considerable, but I have always been practical rather than analytical. I know that I can make certain things happen but I don’t know why they work. For instance, I can make a victim act in a certain way by making knots in a cord, reciting  rituals while I do it, and putting the cord into his coat pocket. I mentally give a name (The Companion) to an imaginary spirit who acts as my agent, But I have never seen that spirit, and I don’t know whether every word of the ritual is needed. Nor do I know why my actions sometimes fail. They do. Success is probable but not certain. I can also inspire a victim with extreme fear by asking him to gaze into a saucer of thick blank ink while I stare at him and imagine some terrifying scene.  One way of extending my skills might be to analyse very carefully the things that I can do, try to figure out what forces are involved and then apply them to different situations. This means an approach that is experimental and at least semi-scientific. It would be unusual, because witchdoctors don’t share secrets. They protect their own capabilities jealously. There are also few such people who are westernised enough to have full awareness of the scientific method. I may even be unique.

The scientific method requires that I formulate a hypothesis and devise an experiment to test it’s truth. Immediately I am in trouble because the most common hypothesis among witchdoctors is that some paranormal agency is involved. How can I possibly test for the existence of such an agency? Nobody has yet proved the existence or non-existence of God. If he exists, then it’s quite reasonable to postulate the existence of numerous other agencies, but it has not yet been done. The next post will be WITCHPOWER TWO.

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