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Present concerns about the state of the UK and it’s competitiveness lead one to worry about eductation. We have a minister who obviously wants to improve it but we don’t see much dialogue about why children and young people should want to learn. In underdeveloped countries people are desperate to go to school. Why? Because they expect the future to be better if they are well-educated and worse if they are not. Here, our emphasis on the benefits is only modest, and we say almost nothing about the dangers of not learning. We say almost nothing because the dangers are minimal and there is nothing to say. A person without skills or qualifications can still exist without extreme hardship and hang out with others in the same boat.

It would be nice if we could promise all learners “Strive to develop whatever skills and abilities you possess and you WILL have a better future than if you don’t.” It would be nicer still if there was evidence to make learners believe that promise. It is all about Expectations.


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