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I am interested in witchcraft because the heroine of my three books is a witchdoctor and consultant assassin. I want to make her as credible as possible and I therefore research the subjects. Sensible research has to include the opposition, so I read books and posts by skeptics, who don’t believe in the supernatural and make statements like “the paranormal and the supernatural either will be subsumed into the normal and the natural, or will simply disappear as a problem to be solved”. That means “Science will eventually explain all your witchcraft”. Suppose that to be true. The logical strategy, then, for a witchdoctor is MAKE SURE NO SCIENTIST EVER STUDIES YOUR ACTIVITIES. Keep your head down. Tell nobody what you are doing. Be content with getting the results you want more often that not. Your actions will still be identified as witchcraft and you will still have the respect you deserve. Interestingly, a serious and scholarly book by Adam Ashforth deals – inter-alia – with the need of African thinkers to make “African Science” respectable in the modern world. The trouble is that while western scientists believe in sharing information and searching for truth, witchdoctors prefer secrecy. They don’t talk to each other and compare notes. That makes it difficult to prove or disprove a thesis by controlled expertiment.

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