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The C of E is in the news again because of a report that Gay Bishops are now OK. Perhaps we should go back in time and ask why homosexuality was controversial. Answer, because it removed people from the breeding population, and a tribe needed to keep numbers up. The internet gives me news about wolves in Washington State. Just THREE breeding pairs have been identified and wolves are not to be removed from the list of endangered species until there are FIFTEEN such pairs. Some way to go – and if two males in the existing three pairs turned homosexual it would be a disaster. Wolves don’t, of course, but the argument is clear.

So if numbers in a group or tribe  are falling, homosexuality is bad. If numbers are way over the top, is homsexuality good? The problem gets worse because we are no longer a tribe. Should we encourage homosexuality because the UK is over-populated, or say that the original population of white caucasians  is in danger and therefore prohibit it. There is more to this argument than being progressive or conservative in religion.


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