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How one reads a blog can be affected by what one knows about the blogger. So with Christmas coming here’s a statement about why and what. I am one of the 59% in UK who said in the last census that they were Christian. Why? Here are some questions. Number One. Do  you believe it is possible that there might exist, unknown to us, a purposefui intelligence much greater than ours? If you think it impossible, then all deities are just an enjoyable, imaginative construct. If you answer YES, then here’s Question Number Two. Is it possible that such a superior intelligence might have trouble communicating with a lower intelligence? Think about you and your dog – if you have one.  Communication does exist between you, but in a limited way. If you say YES to Question Two then you can imagine the lesser intelligence sometimes getting things right and sometimes getting them wrong. There are times when the human can’t get through to the dog however hard he tries! But how about OMNIPOTENCE? If God wanted to get through, surely he could? Perhaps he doesn’t want to. Christianity suggests that it might louse up some greater plan. (Think of those spy stories where the Agent is not told all the facts by his Controller). Looked at this way, religion, with all its contradictions, then becomes credible. I say YES to both questions and think it reasonable to explore the God concept.

It’s then logical to look at existing religions, starting with the dominant one in the culture to which you belong. I find that the core message of Christianity can be interpreted allegorically in an intellectually convincing manner.


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