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On Sundayevening (Dec 9th 2012) the BBC had a programme about the Roman Empire. On Monday the papers had comments on the latest power-grab by Brussels. The Roman Enpire was expanded by force and violence but maintained because life under Roman rule was generally an improvement on what went before. Why is Brussels  able to build the latest empire? Will it – when  it has gained total controi – make life better? The EBB is gaining ground for two reasons. Firstly, the original dream was a good one, and we are reluctant to admit that it has been corrupted and become merely the pursuit of power. Secondly, it has created new pinnacles of auhority and stretched the link between what the top politicians work for and what ordinary people want. The idea of democracy has always been weakened by the need to simplify issues into choices between THIS and THAT and THE OTHER. Politicians have always been able to manipulate the opportunities offered to voters. The size and complexity of the EU means that they are now able to utterly ignore what the people want and concentrate on pursuit of their own agendas. Is such a state of affairs likely to make life for ordinary people better? Will it engender a feeling that one has some degree of influence on the world around one? Things are bad enough inside nation states. The EBB will make it all worse.

The Roman Empire eventually fell. May the EBB never cucceed in exterminating variety and controversy and individuality. These are the seedbeds of progress  May the EBB fall, like Rome.



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