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December 29, 2012

The debate about foxhunting surfaced again on Boxing Day. It made me think about how one decides emotional issues. At the time of the ban I was against it, and took part in two ‘protests’ . I was not keen on animals being torn to pieces, but that was outweighed by anger at the aggression of […]


December 17, 2012

How one reads a blog can be affected by what one knows about the blogger. So with Christmas coming here’s a statement about why and what. I am one of the 59% in UK who said in the last census that they were Christian. Why? Here are some questions. Number One. Do  you believe it […]


December 11, 2012

On Sundayevening (Dec 9th 2012) the BBC had a programme about the Roman Empire. On Monday the papers had comments on the latest power-grab by Brussels. The Roman Enpire was expanded by force and violence but maintained because life under Roman rule was generally an improvement on what went before. Why is Brussels  able to build […]


December 9, 2012

Big topic this week in UK was Autumn Budget statement and concern about our economic problems. Since nobody knows what to do it is not surpising that I don’t! But are lessons from the past always inappropriate – out-dated – not applicable and so on? At the end of WWII the country was heavily in […]


December 4, 2012

What I meant last time is that the secular state is limiting. If something is not made illegal then a citizen is entitled to consider it OK behaviour. “If it was wrong, there would be a law against it, would there not? The state determines right and wrong, does it not? Did the media types […]


December 3, 2012

Lots of talk now about legislation. It seems to me that much of what the secular state does is negative. Laws normally declare things to be crimes. The summary of the law offered by Christ was just two powerful positives – THOU SHALT. Impossible to enforce, but guidance which, if followed, would make many prohibitions […]