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Like many other words, ‘Atheist’ can have several interpretations. Some I can understand and sympathise with, while not agreeing to. But not all.

Is an Atheist just someone who does not believe in the Christian God? Religion is unprovable, and there is plenty of evidence that the Bible was written by man, and people calling themselves Christians have done some appalling things. So it is a reasonable position to hold.

Is an Atheist someone who rejects the entire God Concept? That is to say, he thinks it impossible that there should esist any purposeful intelligence exerting an influence on the world we know. It seems to me that such a position is untenable. In the great area of ‘the don’t know’ we can’t  ‘know’ that anything is impossible.

Is an Atheist someone who believes that human science is capable – eventually – of discovering all the workings of the universe?  That is to say,  explaining all the phenomena that we currently attribute to God, thereby making him unnecesaary.This is another uprovable, as each discovery reveals a new mystery. But my strongest reason for not accepting this belief is that science is arrogant, appearing to recognise no alternative disciplines. It makes us less likely to think in other ways.

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