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I was surprised by my own reaction to the news, because if I had been a member of Synod I would have voted FOR since it is bound to happen sometime. So why did I feel RELIEF?

My reaction may be connected with a dislike of being rail-roaded by fashion. It felt as if the juggernaut had just for a moment been impeded. My feelings were made stronger by the near-universal condemnation of the decision, often on the grounds that the great God EQUALITY was being denied. I think that over-enthusiatic pursuit of equality can be dangerous. I think that every person should strive to make the very most of the opportunities he or she has been given. Personal growth surely lies this way. I think that you can be distracted from that goal by asking that some person or organisation should give you different opportunities. It is asking others for help rather than examining one’s own resources.

I was very impressed by the lay member of Synod who said on television that she felt she could do the work God called her to do either with or without a clerical collar and/or a purple robe. We should also remember that in the C of E context bishops have a degree of POWER. Presumably all would-be female bishops have SERVICE as their driving motive. I wonder if some of the pundits condemning the decision are subconsciously concerned with POWER.

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