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I have just read the interview with Russell Blackford published on Rational Hub. (Most of it, anyway.)  Questions of Morality and Religion and the secular approach of Atheism are relevant today, when stories of misdoing in high places dominate the news. I liked this paragraph from Russell Blackford.

” Basically, my view is that moral norms and moral codes are best seen as standards that serve the desires of human beings living in societies. If we all (or even most of us) make certain kinds of efforts and accept certain kinds of constraints, there will tend to be a mutual benefit.”

This day also, my desire to arouse interest in Piers Plowman (By Will Langland – Born 1342) brought me to this quote “

“For the commons account very little the counsel of Conscience or cardinal virtues unless it appears to promise a profit of some kind.” The context excuses these people (commons) because of unjust rulers, but the point is that ‘official’ morality will never fully control human behaviour. So every secular society and every religious society will have it’s share of big-time evil-doers. You won’t solve the problem by law or by religion.


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