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September 25, 2012

Surely the affair of Andrew Mitchell and the policeman has been blown up for political reasons. It was never that serioius. Nobody can avoid off-the-cuff mistakes all the time. How about “Who will rid me of this turbulent priest?”


September 24, 2012

Topical stuff. Clegg keen to soak the rich. Chief Whip calls policemen Plebs. JK Rowling upsets middle class village. Feature in DT about persistence of class culture in UK and how it enlivens books, films, comedy etc. Link it to earlier DT feature that showed our view if history to be more Shakespeare than what […]


September 20, 2012

One of my literary pastimes is writing a review of this 14th Century poem, trying to make it more fun and less hard work. Langland does have some beautiful similies. He is castigating people who have an awful lot of this world’s goodies but still want more  and more of something. The extra amount they […]


September 13, 2012

Congratulations to the people who felt wronged and fought for years to get justice. Cover-ups are a very interesting phenomenon. Who decides on a cover-up? How does he/she persuade others to join in? How many highly-placed people send subtle signals indicating that they will turn a blind eye? Does society wait till the principal villains […]


September 11, 2012

It seems that Professor Dawkins is critical of Romney because of his Mormon belief. I agree that the belief is daft but we can’t assume that Romney really, really believes the lot. If people get kicks from belonging to something, but still have reservations, they just keep quiet and enjoy the other benefits. If a […]


September 7, 2012

I an progressing slowly with my idiots guide to Piers Plowman. I have loved it since university. But it’s hard to understand and harder still to sort the things that resonate today from excessive detail of 14th Century life.  Most of all I love his forthright comments on things he dislikes. About lawyers – “Sooner […]


September 5, 2012

Paper today says this charity (currently working overseas)  is to open a new fund to help children in UK. Claims government cuts have left people inadequately protected. Interesting development. A clear accusation that the state can’t/won’t do enough – which will anger those who believe state is omnipotent. Might also open distinction between ‘rights’ and […]


September 5, 2012

More in UK press today about a Christian not being allowed to wear a cross at work. I wish somebody would tell me where this sort of prohibition comes from. Why? The symbol tells you (you think) something about the person wearing it. If you don’t like the image in your mind, avoid the person. If […]


September 4, 2012

The DT had more comments yesterday about the economic crisis and possible remedies. One conclusion was that nothing will work without confidence, which is hard to manufacture. One prescription was MAKE UP YOUR MIND and then SAY WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO DO and then DO IT. It is a pity that our leaders today […]