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August 29, 2012

D. Telegraph this week writes of supermarket customers geting used to those automatic check-outs. It’s all part of de-humanising every transaction. Like those sites that won’t respond unless you have first waded through their long-winded FAQ’s. And those ghastly menu things that stop you reaching a human being. There must be other people like me who […]


August 29, 2012

I saw a tweet by Prof. Dawkins that ridiculed religious people who prayed for the cyclone to change course. Churches often pray for things when proving a link to some divine response is impossible. They must know that, but they still do it. Why? Because you can’t prove prayer works but you can’t prove the reverse either. So […]


August 28, 2012

Organisations that concern themselves with serious political and moral issues frequently complain of falling numbers. They say “People are just not interested”. Well, what does interest them? It seems to me that the concept of belonging to a very large group of like -minded people – the feeling of togetherness – is extremely important. If […]


August 28, 2012

In my working life I had  contact with many organisations. I formed the impression that the successful ones were those whose Chief Executive had a clear vision of what he wanted to do, and was able to communicate it. What worries me about the future of the UK is that I can’t see that characteristic. […]


August 26, 2012

There are some high-profile scientists who attack religion. Suppose they won. Suppose they were able to destroy belief in Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, etc. There is a universal human need for some form of spiritual comfort. What would they offer? It won’t happen, of course, because the great religions are full of people just as smart […]


August 23, 2012

Think of a £10 note as a human being that can either work or stay idle.  If it passes from one person to another, something happens as a result. If people think that what happens is beneficial then there will be more transactions, the £10 note will do more work and the economy will grow. […]


August 19, 2012

England has been damaged in the past by one person, or a group of people,  getting too much power. We have had over-mighty monarchs and over-mighty barons and over-mighty trade unions. We are now threatened by over-mighty media and by over-mighty Information Technology Experts. More and more things can’t be done because THE SYSTEM DOES […]


August 18, 2012

The writers of the report on Libor obviously think that they were not told the whole truth. Diamond defends what he said. It raises the old question “Whose side are you on?” In wartime it is quite OK to deceive your enemy. When people today are “economical with the truth” who are they defending?  Why […]


August 6, 2012

As an older person having limited skill with social media, I wonder what causes so many people to use brief, transient messaging so heavily. They must be getting something out of it or they would not do it. Nothing changes because you or I tweet so there is no question of achievement motivation. Is it […]


August 3, 2012

I wonder if the  increasing speed of change will apply to the cycle in which ideas become fashionable and are then discarded. When I was in my twenties it took about fifteen years before a discarded truth was re-discovered – expressed in new language, of course. Will that maybe come down to five years?  One […]