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July 29, 2012

I see many posts about religion that seem to damage it by bigotted opinion.¬† Christianity is in decline in the west, but why, and what could be done? One reason is that the secular state has assumed responsibility for regulating individual behaviour. Another reason is that Christianity seems to demand various beliefs that do not […]


July 10, 2012

TV programme last night about young people wanting work but no jobs available. A sad situation. I wonder if the concept of work has become a sacred cow. When my government takes office we will try to create a culture in which ‘work’ is not the only respectable option. The basic state bnefeit will be […]


July 6, 2012

There are constant moans in the media about UK banks failing to make loans to business. I can’t understand why this blanket exhortation is seen¬† as sensible. A bank ought to decide whether or not to lend money on the basis of a sound business plan deemed likely to succeed. If those conditions don’t apply, […]