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June 18, 2012

A new Greek government – perhaps. As the saga continues I begin to wonder whether some European leaders have a devious hidden agenda. Surely people smart enough to gain leadership of their nations could sort it all out if they really wanted to. Maybe all the others are waiting for Germany to open the money bags […]


June 11, 2012

The saga staggers on – still hard for non-economists to grasp. If political union is a solution, surely that is going to take a very long time. Before it arrives we shall all be bankrupt. Why did it happen? Amongst other causes was, I believe, the action of many national governments that sought popularity and […]


June 8, 2012

The Daily Telegraph today reports Camerons rejection of Merkels vision of a politically united Europe. But those words P….U….E…. get more credibility whenever they are spoken or printed. I loathe the idea because such a union would be dominated by Germany. They are not bad people, but there is a devotion to ORDER in the […]